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Islam is a universal religion. It assures peace and prosperity for the entire creation. Its message of guidance is for all people at all times.

Every age has its own demands and necessities.  The present age, which is of science and technology is progressing with the speed of light.  Advancements in technology have enabled rapid means of communication.  It is necessary to use the same means of communication to present the message of Islam to the whole world, to convince them of its truthfulness, to spread its message of peace and to disseminate the teachings of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).

With these goals in mind, Zarine Sahni with Salman Lateef and few other people, established Islamic Knowledge Group and launched the website Islamic Content on Saturday, 27 August 2011, corresponding to 27 Ramadan, 1432 Hijri.

By the grace of Allah Most High, apart from the subcontinent, we have thousands of visitors from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Iran, America, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Thailand, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherland, Canada, Kuwait, Italy, Bangladesh, UK, Japan, Sweden, Malaysia, Mauritius, Russia, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Morocco, Moldova, Germany, Bermuda, Czechoslovakia, China, France, Lebanon, Finland, Argentina, Syria, Columbia, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Mozambique, Belgium, San Marino, Hungary and many other different countries of the world.

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  • Most importantly, remember us in your prayers.
We ask Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala that He accepts our's and your's good deeds and gives us peace in the hereafter. Aameen!