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Nowadays immorality is being spread through Internet, TV channels and other sources. Nobody with an Islamic bent of mind prefers that his sisters, daughters etc. be used as objects of immorality and be victims of voyeurism. Islam is natural religion (deene fitrah). It has preservation of modesty & chastity in its principles. For this reason, the creator of the world has ordered us to stay away from all kinds of immodesty.

……..come not nigh to shameful deeds, whether open or secret; Surah An'aam (6:151)

This verse includes every kind of immodesty is included, be it open or secret, through words or actions. In this verse Allah SWT does not order us not to perform deeds of immodesty, He SWT orders us not even to go near immodesty.

All those words/deeds which create immodesty in our hearts are all Haraam and forbidden. It is compulsory and necessary for a Muslim to stay away from indecent literature, films, songs etc. Those people who spread immodesty and immorality should keep in mind that they cannot escape the punishment of Allah SWT.

Those who love (to see) scandal published broadcast among the Believers, will have a grievous Penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: Allah knows and ye know not. Surah Noor (24:19)

There is painful punishment for those people who are trying to spread immorality in young men and women through films, programs only for the sake of money.


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