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If the periods of a lady stop before the usual time, then what is the rule for that lady? Should she have a bath and start offering Salaat? Can the husband have sexual intercourse with her?

If the bleeding stops before the usual time, just because the usual number of days has not been completed, there remains a doubt that the period has not ended and that bleeding might start again. Similarly, there remains an equal doubt that the normal days have started and there will be no bleeding from then on. For this reason the Jurists have considered both these possibilities and have ruled that in such a case the lady should be cautious in matters of Salaat, fasts and sexual intercourse. She should have a bath and start offering Salaat. If it is the month of Ramadhan, she should fast as well, but to err on the side of caution, should stay away from sexual intercourse. When the usual number of days pass, then there is no problem in it. For details you might refer to Fatawa Alamgiri Vol. 1, Kitab Ut Taharah, Pg. No. 39.

And Allah knows best. 


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