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I want to offer Salaat Ul Tahajjud. But it is said that for Tahajjud, it is compulsorily to sleep. Is it wrong to offer Salaat Ul Tahajjud without sleeping?

The time for Tahajjud starts after the offering of Salaat Ul Isha and ends before Fajr. If anyone offers Tahajjud without sleeping in this time, even then Tahajjud has been performed. Durre Mukhtar Vol I The Book of Salaat Pg no. 506 has a Tradition on the authority of Imam Tabarani. But it is better to offer Tahajjud after getting up from sleep and in Raddul Muhtaar, it is mentioned on the same page and in Durre Mukhtaar: 
As, it is very taxing on the Nafs (Self) to get up from deep sleep, Allah SWT says Surah Muzammil -06, And in worship, reward is based on the effort, so it is better to offer Tahajjud after getting from sleep. If you offer it without sleeping, even then it is correct.

And Allah knows best. 


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