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There are many good Islamic sites on the Internet which I visit regularly. On these sites, they have the Holy Quran also. While going through those sites, the verses of the Holy Quran are displayed on the screen. Can we touch them on the computer screen without wuzu?

It is not allowed to touch the Holy Quran, which is the word of Allah SWT without proper cleanliness (Taharah) and wuzu. As given in the Holy Quran itself in Surah Waqiah -09.The grandeur of the Holy Quran does not permit touching it without proper wuzu. The verses of the Holy Quran which are shown on the screen are electronic rays, which are like reflections of the real Quranic verses. It is not allowed to touch the screen when the verses of the Holy Quran are being displayed on it. Of course, if the screen has another detachable covering on it or the Quranic website is minimised, then there is no problem. As given in Fatawa Alamgiri, Vol I pg no. 38, 39. 

And Allah knows best. 


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