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How To Raise Your Children?

Human Life passes through different phases. Every phase has some rules and guidelines. The same rules and guidelines are termed as the framework of that phase. For e.g. Moral framework, Economic Framework, Familial Framework, Political framework, the Parenting/nurturing framework etc. Among these frameworks, the nurturing framework is of prime importance. This is the basic building block of all other frameworks and societal systems because it is only through proper nurturing (esp. of children) that all other societal systems can be improved and success achieved. In the absence of this framework, success in any phase and field of life is almost inconceivable as our observations testify and every person is seeing with his/her own eyes that somewhere the family framework is suffering and somewhere else the economic framework is corrupted. Somewhere the political framework is disordered and somewhere some other framework has become muddled. 

Importance Of Proper Nurturing 

Islam has accorded high importance to proper nurturing of children. 
The Lord Almighty Allah SWT says: 
"Save yourself and your dependants from the fire of hell." 

In this blessed verse, the believers have been commanded to save themselves and their dependants from the fire of hell. Dependants includes wife, children etc. but children are very important. Childhood is the first phase of human life. Children are like those green saplings whose future shape depends on how you mould, model and regulate them today. For this reason, Islam has accorded prime importance to the proper raising and nurturing of children and has framed rule and guidelines for it. 

A Special Feature Of The Islamic Nurturing Framework 

The wise and sagacious people of this world constitute some rules and guidelines based on their experience. With change in circumstances and situations, they become unusable. But this is the specialty of the Islamic nurturing framework that in spite of changes in circumstances and people, it remains a guiding light for all humanity. All the children that come into this world are born on a single nature, as the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said: Every child is born on Islam. The child’s parents make a jew or Christian out of that person." 

When a child comes into this world, the best of abilities, pure thought and speech, crystal clear heart and soul and all the good qualities necessary for the body and the soul are entrusted to the child. But the society seeks to influence the child. If the hidden abilities are not awakened, the child loses its value and honor like an uncut diamond, and turns into a stone in spite of being a diamond. 

Hadhrat Ayyub bin Moosa (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates on the authority of his grandfather that the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said, “No father ever gave his progeny a gift better that good manners.”- Jame’ Tirmidhi Vol 2 Pg no. 16, Hadith no. 1875.


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